Monday, July 19, 2010


These days one is not spoiled when flying within Europe. Over the last years we have seen many elements of the service concept being removed over and over again. In days like these it is therefore even more refreshing to see that there are exceptions to the norm. Carriers with a fresh approach taking pride in giving their passengers a pleasant experince onboard their aircrafts. Select Collection had the opportunity to sample Lufthansa Italia's new daily nonstop flight from Stockholm to Milan. On this route in economy class Lufthansa Italia serves a hot meal with bread and generous rounds of water, soft drinks and wine. If you are lucky there's even a choice of two meals.

In Business Class the service concept is generous for an Intra-Europe flight. A three course meal is served, see pictures below:

A starter with Italian delicacies - asparagus rolled in air dried ham, dried tomatoes, artichoke and parmesan cheese. The main course is Osso Buco.

Or if you prefer you could have a simple but very tasty pasta

Dessert served with Fennel Tea

A final surprise before landing - Italian ice cream

Quite some service for a 2 h 30 minute flight within Europe

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