Monday, July 26, 2010

WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO: 2 X Four Seasons in Istanbul

Four Seasons Resort Istanbul at Sultanahmet.
Four Seasons Resort Istanbul at the Bosphorus.

So exquisite – and so different. Which should you choose for your visit to Istanbul? We decided it was best to combine BOTH Four Seasons at Sultanahmet and Four Seasons at the Bosphorus…

Four Seasons Bosphorous is a good start – a resort to revive body and spirit. With space and light, the former palace stands grandly on the shore of the straits with wide terraces offering views of water and boats, a spa full of Oriental mystique and a swimming pool by the sea. Only 20 minutes taxi ride from Sultanahmet out of rush hour.

Grandly on the shores of the Bosphorous, it offers resort-style experience

Click to enter a little closer into the magical world
of the spa  pool

An oriental haven with a stunning hammam -
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There is more than the mosaic pool in the spa – there is another pool by the Bosphorous with views of boats bobbing on the green waters of the straits

The rooms have grace and with keyhole windows still capture light and views.

A garden room - low category big size

Shining corridors, luminous spaces  

Light, grace and art at Four Seasons Sultanhamet

The Sultanahmet property is darker and more cosy, with a heritage as a former prison. Its mood resonates with the past, ascetism and mystery. And it’s a few minutes’ walk from the cultural treasures: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and Topkapi Palace. Just 20 minutes walk from the Grand Bazaar – so you can rest between sorties. If you want to sit still, the two mosques can be admired from the Four Seasons terraces.

Moorish architecture and breathtaking views from
Four Seasons at Sultanahmet
In summer the Bosphorous property has extra charm with its outdoor pool and views of sparkling turquoise water. In winter the Sultanahmet property comes into its own …

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