Friday, July 30, 2010

WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO: Our Venetian hideaway

As Venetian as you can be – and lusciously opulent. Luna Hotel Baglioni was an overnight stop during the Crusades, and the hotel is saturated with history and romance. A lavish combination of brocades, crystal, drapes and period furniture, Luna Baglioni presents the classic Venice – right down to its own gondola stop in front of the hotel. A gondola slid past as we stood there.
Some rooms of this family-owned property overlook the pretty little side canal, and others overlook St Mark’s square. Some extraordinary lagoon suites with huge terraces overlook Grand Canal. In the famed Marco Polo ballroom masked balls and musical events take place – and overnight guests eat breakfast among 18th century frescoes.

Our hideaway in Venice in the middle of it all…
Tip: take a taxi boat all the way from the airport to the hotel door.

A gondola slides by the entrance to Luna Baglioni – a boat stop a couple of steps from the door

Genuine period costumes, silken wallpapers, antiques and gleaming lobbies

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