Friday, July 23, 2010


Built in 1912 by a king, The Palace exudes glorious extravagance from the past. Now as The Westin Palace Madrid it is still a destination in its own right. The spectacular cupola of stained glass is a must see, arching over the restaurant. Between meals it is a serene place to write or read, bathed in magical daylight filtering through the glass dome. Spanish high society comes to Westin Palace for weddings, tapas and dining. Watching the beautiful people cross the lobby is like flipping through a Vogue magazine. And people love to be photographed there.

More reasons why we loved The Westin Palace, Madrid:
• 3 minutes walk from the Prado, treasure house of art
• 2 minutes from a street of trendy tapas bars where Madrid people go
• Beautiful rooms inspired by royal days. And some really palatial suites with original furniture
• Our favourite: Premium View Room. These overlook Fuente de Neptuno, a beautiful gushing fountain.

We also had a Spanish lunch at our much loved Hospes Madrid, served along with friendly personal attention. Built in a residential block, with only 40 rooms, Hospes is very personal and very pleasant, full of cosy corners and surprises. Close to designer shopping and leafy Retiro Park.

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