Monday, August 16, 2010


Buenos Aire's Palermo district is full of exciting dining options. One of the most exciting venues right now is Tegui in Palermo Hollywood. A sister restaurant to much acclaimed Casa Cruz (on Uriarte 1658), Tegui feels like the stylish little brother. Menu prices are also refreshingly affordable at Tegui.

The entrance to Tegui is adorned with colorful grafiti art and to enter the restaurant one must ring a door bell a wait for the staff to open. Inside a refined, dark and stylish design experience awaits us. The waiter firmly but frinedly asks us not to take pictures, but we could not stay away from at least one blurry snapshot below.

The long and narrow space is joined to the left by a glassed courtyard with planted banana trees to add exoticsm to the interior concept.

We recommend you to order the tasting menu and then sit back and enjoy the ride. Courses arrive one after another and they are delicate and well presented. The waiters all look like they are casted from a media school and their service is friendly, knowledgeable and correct without being stuffy.

Tegui is well worth a visit, make sure to book a table in advance. Located at: Costa Rica 5852.
CONTRASTING experiences is what makes Buenos Aires so exciting. The old and the new, the classic and the trendy coexist side by side in arty working class neighbourhood Palermo. One of the most unique and authentic dining experiences in this area is Club Eros (Uriarte 1609).
Club Eros is not what the name could suggest, rather it is the funny combo of indoor soccer fields and a local joint. I guess this is as local as you can go... very basic interiors, plenty of local repeat clients that want their value for money meal and a simple menu. A piece of chicken, a juicy chorizo steak, a caprese salad and sparkling water served the original way (see picture below) or a bottle of Malbec (don't ask for the wine list, just go with the flow). As in the olden days cash is the only form of payment, solo effectivo as the Porteños would say. Oh and don't try to speak English, sign language or Spanish will work perfectly.
The interior of Club Eros. It doesn't get more local and authentic than this. Go for it for lunch and enjoy the experience...

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