Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The Four Seasons Milan is our favorite luxury hotel in Milan. Service is outstanding, the guest rooms are classic as they should in Italy and the breakfast room with its unique flooring and courtyard view is calming to the senses and a perfect framing for a morning Macchiato and daily news indulgence. But the true indulgence comes to life on Sundays at brunch time. Invest in the €70 somewhat buffet and you are in for a treat. We especially like that to pick up your hot dishes you actually enter the hotel kitchen and the chefs will serve you from their work stations. A simple thing but a fun experience. Less simple and truly ambitious is the chocolate room. It is not just a room whre chocolate is served but rather a room made of chocolate. We scratched the walls and yes under our nails came the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate. We say no more.
Fly Lufthansa Italia nonstop to Milan late Friday evening after work, stay the weekend at the Four Seasons, have Sunday brunch and fly Lufthansa Italia back in the afternoon. Buon appetito!

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