Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO: Frégate Island Private, Seychelles

In the world there are only a handful of top tier luxury resorts. We are not talking 5-star resorts but something above that. One of them is Frégate Private Island in the Seychelles. Select Collection has had the unique opportunity to visit and exerience this magical island paradise. Here comes our impressions:

A private island for a priveleged few. With only 16 one and two bedroom villas and one presidential villa on the generously sized island (approx. 2.5 by 1.5 kilometers in size)this is a true hideaway. On the island you can do as little or as much as you want. Some guests prefer to just stay in their villa with all its facilities such as a large private infinity pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, spearate living room and bedroom and a view you just can't get enough of.

Others follow lead from the experienced butler. He will organize anything you want. We recommend to let the butler propose a program for your stay with daily acitivities. At first the number of acitivities might seem overwhelming but trust us you would not want to miss out on an à la carte breakfast in the top of a massive Banyan Tree after an early morning nature walk with a skilled naturalist. Or a fancy High Tea service on the island's highest peak in complete serenity.

The butlers at Frégate are thouroughly trained, knowledgeable in the vivid flora and fauna of the island and come with elaborate suggestions on acitivities and are always at hand but never intrusive, refined luxury at its best.

We have never seen a place that truly deserves the name paradise as much as Frégate Island. And when staying here it feels like you do not just get a luxurious villa but a whole island to explore and enjoy. The butlers' challenge is to present a different venue for dinner everyday. They make the most of the island and know every corner of it.

At Frégate luxury is symoblized by space and privacy. One example is that you can even have a private beach reserved just for you complete with a do not disturb sign. Pictures from one of the private beaches.

Another highlight is the food. The island operates on a full board basis plus all non alcoholic beverages are included. The food concept is generous, full of choices and of world class quality. For each meal there is an extensive menu. One lunch we decided to try a homemade pasta.
Just choose your favorite ingredients. The above pasta is served in a home cooked tomato sauce with crab meat, scallops and lobster. We also like the extensive ice cream menu where ice cream is made from all the ingredients readily available on the island. Such as cinnamon leaves, chili, papaya, ylang ylang, ginger...

We heard from a local Seychelleois that about 95% of all food has to be imported to the country. On Frégate there has been an active initiative to increase the local produce and Frégate produces so much fruits and vegetables that they even sell some to other islands. Frégate also bottles its own still and sparkling water.

This paradise has a significant price tag, but for the one who can afford it they will truly get paradise and it is value for money. It is hard to envision a place in the world where one would feel more priveleged and special than at Frégate.

Outside view of one of the villas.

The comfortable bed. A pillow menu, a scent menu and the sound of waves secure a restful sleep.

The colonial style bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower, double vanities and bathtub. The bathroom amenities are spiced with herbs and fruits of the island.

The main pool of the island.

Beautiful sun loungers at the main pool.

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