Monday, August 30, 2010

WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO: Mendoza, Argentina

A striking lavendel field serves as the welcome sight when arriving at Cavas Wine Lodge.

At the foot of the Andes mountain range lays a hidden gem. A tranquil place where grapes mature viewing snow capped mountains.

For wine lovers there is only one place to enjoy the best Mendoza has to offer, Cavas Wine Lodge. Select Collection was the first Scandinavian tour operator to promote this property after establishing a personal relationship with the owners Cecilia and Martin. Through the years we have visited many times to enjoy the beautiful landscape, the luxurious Vignettes (rooms), wine inspired spa treatments, fresh and local food and of course wine, wine and wine.

Our favorite is to divert to the cozy roof top terrace of the room, hear the fire place spark, drink Cavas own Bonarda with some cheese and cold cuts and just sip silence and fresh air. The moon and crispy clear star lit sky is our spotlight.

Our days in Mendoza are spent either on the horseback, hiking in the Andes or visiting vineyards or just staying at the Lodge...

The best time to visit is March - April simply because it is harvest time. Since the Lodge grows many different kinds of grapes the harvest will be ongoing for a few weeks.

During harvest time all guests are invited to learn how to pick the grapes. Each full basket is rewarded with wine and homemade empanadas stuffed with beef and green olives.

Wines and snacks during the harvest event.

Cavas Wine Lodge and Mendoza is a must stop on any Argentina itinerary. Only 1 h 45 minutes flight from Buenos Aires with several daily flights with LAN makes it accessible.

Entrance to Cavas Wine Lodge.

Each room has a small roof top terrace with fireplace. The perfect place to enjoy wine while star gazing.

Horseback riding among vineyards and pampas.

The marking assures the horse is 100% Argentinian and if sold it would be worth around 10 000 USD which is alot in Argentina.

Viewing the main building and the spa from the roof top

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