Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Agneta Sjödin at the lodge in Kenya, photo taken by Agneta's daughter Maja

I know that safaris are not the least expensive holiday one can embark on... Despite this it was mine and my daughter's dream to experience one, and in style. Select Collection managed to find a suitable safari package, an inclusive tour I felt I could afford. It is the best value for money holiday I have ever invested in. We got so much experience for what we spent. My daughter and I are uniform in our view that it was our best holiday ever and it was worth every penny.
The Mara River viewed from our lodge
Our safari started at the Olonana camp just by the Mara river. The hippos greeted us good morning every morning. On the quiet Savannah we spent hours looking for exotic animals and the Big 5. On our last safari day we were in heaven having spotted altogether six gracious Leopards. (Oh and we did of course see all the big 5 animals).
A mighty animal
After the bush we travelled to the Mombasa Coast for a few days of beach life. We loved staying at Almanara Luxury Resort with its all inclusive concept.

The pool at Almanara
We travelled in April and still we talk everyday about how fantastic this trip was. A memory for a lifetime and my new dream is to once in my life live in Kenya for a few days. But in the meantime we are hoping to be back for a holiday anytime soon.

Yours sincerely,
Agneta Sjödin

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