Monday, September 20, 2010


To fly First Class is a special experience. Expectations are high but the airlines usually deliver. Below you can view what Lufthansa serves up on one of their longhaul flights. The journey in Frankfurt begins with the private transfer by a Porsche from the First Class terminal straight to the aircraft. The upper deck with its 16 first class seats on the above Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet will be our home for the next 15 hours.

Specially trained flight attendants welcome you in First Class with Lufthansa's signature red rose. The seat even has a hole where the mini vase is placed.

In case you are unsure where you are seated Lufthansa has placed a "Lufthansa First Class" sign in the front of the cabin. Even the butter that will arrive with dinner has the label "First Class" stamped.

Before departure a Grand Cru Champagne is served with Macadamia nuts.

Once in the air an Amuse Bouche is served. This was a passion jelly filled with Foie gras, with some shitake mushrooms on the side.

The starter service on Lufthansa is probably the biggest experience of the whole meal. You don't have to choose one of the four starter options, you simply get all of them. Caviar is always there with the traditional garnishes; egg yolk, egg whites, sour cream, fresh onion and a silk ribbon wrapped lemon and warm toasts.

The main course is served on full sized heavy bone china. We went for the scallops with green pea mash. Delicious!

Desserts, cheese and avec are served from the trolley.

And like at any 5 star restaurant the dessert is followed by petit fours and tea. It's is really lovely to have your own tea pot.

Ok we were really full after the main meal, but mid flight a snack of small bites was nice. Blueberries, rapsberries, shrimp skewers a mini sandwich and a quiche. Just right.

Before landing another meal is served. The service is like a buffet on a trolley where you can choose between a lot of different things. We went for cheese, roast beef, marinated artichokes and some really good German sour dough bread.
All great things come to an end. Lufthansa's first class product makes you feel special. Especially the ground service in Frankfurt and the meal concept is at a really high level and rarely dissapoints. The old Lufthansa seat which is on all aircrafts (except the Airbus A380 which has a new seat) is comfortable for sitting and quite comfortable for sleeping as well. However, it is an old seat and the new LH seat is a substantial upgrade. But until the new seats are rolled out fleet wide we will keep enjoying the old recliner seat which goes fully flat.

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