Thursday, September 16, 2010


Lufthansa offers one of the most impressive First Class ground experiences with its exclusive and separate First Class terminal at Frankfurt airport. Select Collection started its first class journey in the terminal and here comes a short report.

When arriving at the First Class terminal a personal assistant immediately takes care of you. You walk through what is probably the world's most stress free security control and the security officers even smile at you... In a few seconds you are in the terminal and ready to enjoy the facilities.

The space offers a bar, buffet area, dining area with with table clothed tables and table side service, a Cigar room, rest rooms, computer rooms, showers, bath tubs and lounge areas. What we loved the most was the high quality food presentation on offer. An elaborate selection of food prepared from the best raw ingredients readily available. Items such as jamon crudo, several options of olive oils and aged balsamico, the finest cheeses, sour dough bread, desserts to indulge in and a selection of different Champagnes.

We came at breakfast time and had a solid breakfast in preparation for the long flight. The energizing fresh fruit shots (kiwi, ginger, carrot, orange etc) complemented the meal well.

The bar area in the First Class terminal. Each lounge table offers a selection of nuts such as spicy wasabi nuts, the king of nuts - Macadamia and more.

When all other passengers have boarded your flight your personal assistant comes up to you and brings you downstairs. The passport police checks your passport swiftly and then of you go in a Porsche Panamera, driven straight to the entrance of your aircraft. This is what we call travel in style. The journey continues onboard...

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