Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WE HAVE JUST BEEN: Onboard Prince Albert II

Silversea Cruises is known for all inclusive top luxury cruises around the world on small and midsize ships focusing on a lot of space for each guest, Italian style and grace and high quality food and premium drinks.

Last year the fleet became slightly more adventurous with the addition of the expedition ship Prince Albert II. Staffed with knowledgable specialists this ship sails less travelled waters and carries a maximum of 132 passengers. From the ship landings are made using Zodiac boats to reach closer to the wonders of nature.

Select Collection and our clients have come to know Silversea for their high standards of service. With the addition of the new ship we felt an urge to get onboard to see if this substantially smaller ship weighting only 6072 ton would be a compromise in quality?

We quickly realized that Prince Albert II was no compromise. The welcome Champagne in the suite was where it always is. The suite itself was completely refurbished and almost as spacious as on the sister vessels. Ok there are barely any verandas except in the Medallion Suite and Owner's suite but apart from that we loved the suites onboard.
Overall the ship was on the same level as the others in the fleet. Of course space is more limited but never restricted and with such few passengers this ship appears spacious.

We got to try landings by Zodiac boats.

Our suite onboard, sized approximately 21.5 square meters.

A picture from upper deck. If weather allows this is the place for some sun soaking.

Prince Albert II's by far most succesful sailings are the one's to Antarctica. They depart from Ushuaia in Argentina in the period November 2010 - end of February 2011. As of today all these sailings are fully booked. But you can already now book for end of 2011. Maybe a polar bear will be waiting to greet you.

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