Thursday, November 4, 2010

HOTEL CHECK: Grand Hotel Stockholm


Luxury among palms in paradise is our speciality. But now on popular demand we also include Nordic gems in our Select Collection. Among them is Grand Hôtel Stockholm, one of the world’s most prestigious hotels…placed like a perfect postcard on the quay opposite the Royal Palace and colourful old town.

Built in 1874, the Grand retains lavish and opulent décor, protected as national treasure. And yet under the stuccoed ceilings and glittering chandeliers its lobby buzzes with “here and now”. Meeting place for world leaders and well-heeled local clientele, the Grand Hôtel has the allure of historic conference rooms, Nordic style spa – and great restaurants. Swedish celebrity chef Mathias Dahlgren has won Michelin stars for his restaurants “Matsalen” (The Dining Room) and “Matbaren” (The Food Bar) emphasizing natural Nordic specialities. The Grand also offers Afternoon Tea on the glass veranda with views at the Cadier Bar.

It’s certainly not all pomp and ceremony. The sense of nautical joy in front of the Grand is irresistible, with local people taking jolly white boats out to the islands of Stockholm archipelago. The Hôtel is also nicely placed for art lovers or designer shoppers …

On top of all that it has suites to yearn for! When we called recently, we were given a peep at a few delicious rooms, all individually designed with gleaming grey and black marble bathrooms.

The spacious Executive suite offers iconic views of the Palace and the island of Gamla Stan, and combines colours, patterns and textures, creating an individual feel. A few of our quick snapshots follow:

Bedroom of an Executive Suite (above) – note all are different.

Executive Suite sitting room (above) – contemporary & period furniture.

The Deluxe Double room with harbour view shown was as spacious as any junior suite. But as sales manager Louise Engwall pointed out, the Junior Suite at the Grand Hôtel is even larger than this.

Warmth, light, pattern and texture – spacious Deluxe Double (above).

Deluxe Double room comfy sitting area (above).

Dining corner of the same Deluxe Double room (above).

The Superior Double room also has a comfortable sitting area and gorgeous marble bathroom with separate shower cabinet. The one we saw had courtyard views, but some do have harbour views.
Marble bathroom, Superior room.

The most celebrated suite is the Princess Lilian, 330 sqm…including a 12-seat cinema, 69 sqm bathroom, plunge pool, “scenario sauna” and panoramic views. One of its kind…

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