Friday, November 12, 2010

Select Collection Spa at morning radio show - Rix FM

Today we visited Rix Morronzoo, the largest national morning show on Swedish radio. The mission was to perform a Chi Nei Tsang = belly massage on one of the hosts.

Above: Roger is the Anchor of the show

Our Chi Nei Tsang expert, Khun Pat in th sofa waiting to perform the treatment on Sofia Wistam. We set up the massage bench in the studio.

To get Sofia Wistam into a relaxed mood Pat starts with a scalp massage.

Pat is examining Sofia Wistam's belly

Pat is using her skilled hands to deeply penetrate the abdominal area. Pat soon finds that Sofia's problem lies in the small intestine (tunntarmen). This is where food is processed and due to stress Sofia has an energy blockage in this intestine.

Fredrik Ottosson, Director of Products & Marketing at Select Collection talking on the radio.
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