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PRISTINE LUXURY IN PHUKET We made a voyage of discovery to Phuket, to see old favourites and newcomers and to monitor the luscious luxury that oozes from our handpicked resorts. Forget all about charter resorts lining exploited beaches. The tropical island of Phuket is pure unadulterated luxury and sheer natural beauty when travelling Select style.

AMANPURI We arrived in the early morning sunshine of Phuket, met by the smiles of a perfectly dressed limousine chauffeur from Amanpuri. Only half an hour later we were already being pampered, met by a whole team of staff with perfect ceremony, and more smiles.

Meticulous and discreet service continued to surround us. That and endless palm trees waving in the breeze, graceful pagoda-style roofs and inspired décor creating an exquisite Thai flavor. Privacy, grace and class form the keynote at Amanpuri. Not just class – top class.

Sala outside our Pavillion

Our Pavilion, set like all the others in the vast coconut plantation, was spacious Thai chic, featuring a sala with sun deck (also perfect for enjoying the sunset), along with a truly oversized bathroom and dressing area. There are 40 beautiful pavilions.

But it gets even more luxurious for the celebrities and other lucky ones hiding out in the serenity of the 30 villa homes – each with clusters of two to six pavilions grouped together with own pool. We could image an elite wedding party, a 3G 50th birthday celebration – or just Jack Nicholson brooding there with his entourage and private butler. Not sure why we thought of Jack Nicholson – maybe it could be Madonna catching up with her meditation. Whoever is in there, the point is you wouldn’t know it – discretion at Amanpuri is everything.

Above: The pool area at one of the private villas
Below: Another view of the private villa and pool

Depending on low or high tide the beach is split in two sections– the bigger with water sports attracting families, and a smaller more romantic beach. It feels private though there is no such thing as a private beach in Thailand.

Still we chose the pools for our swimming. One pool is almost part of the restaurant – especially nice for girls that look like models. Among the few guests we saw in that vast and peaceful resort, quite a few looked like that – i.e. gorgeous.

The main restaurant, the Italian and the bar all embrace the sleek and stylish pool area

Thai blessings followed us to the extensive Spa, where had an incredible massage.

And Thai flavor followed us into evening when live Thai music created exotic ambience without being intrusive. In addition to a Thai restaurant, there are two others – one Italian and one (in high season) Japanese. Two bars add a little buzz to the languid evening atmosphere and sense of wellbeing. For energetic activity – you have 6 tennis courts and fully equipped all glass gym with spectacular views.

The closest hyper-activity can be found 20 to 30 minutes distant in Phuket or Patong Beach. All round, five stars is not enough to explain the serene elegance and exotic tropical charm of Amanpuri.

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Amanpuri Beach Club and pool

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