Monday, December 13, 2010

WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO: Phuket, part 5, Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket


Another world, far from everyday life. As we stepped into Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket, we were enveloped in a rare atmosphere of peace and calm. Everyone is barefoot or in slippers, and dressed in off-white Thai fishermen’s gowns, wrapped in serenity.

This is the only resort on Naka Yai island, set among coconut groves and white beaches, 5 minutes by speedboat from the bustle of Phuket marina. It’s hard to believe that the magic of a Destination Spa can work so fast. But it does, since everyone here shares a quest for well-being…

First thing is the ritual. Just off the pier you are asked to strike a gong and make a wish. You will do this again when you leave, hopefully a richer person in spirit and in health.

Welcome message sets the tone of natural perfection

As you enter the resort you are met by a doctor. He discusses your medical history and state of mind, and finds out what you want to achieve at the Destination Spa. Depending on what you require, you may have a medical examination. Sleeping and eating disorder, overweight and stress are all common problems treated at the Destination Spa. Other goals are fitness or getting in balance. There are several Spa therapists and they offer everything from Six Senses signature massages and beauty treatments to Reiki, crystal therapy, hypnotherapy, nutrition, life transformation and other healing treatments.

But wellness through sport and activity is looked after too. The resort also offers free activities such as kayaking, yoga, Hobi-cat, windsurfing, mountain biking, two gyms...

Jungle Gym

The Jungle Gym is truly eco, in Six Senses style. And it harks back to childhood fun and careless playfulness. The “weights” for lifting are stones of different shapes and sizes. An obstacle course of tree trunks and branches gets you hopping and skipping and using energy without even realizing it. There are various paths strewn with different size pebbles to work on pressure points (natural reflexology) as you meditate or gaze around at the beauty.

Natural reflexology

Meanwhile you have your own little kingdom – your villa or suite villa. All 61 units are spacious (from 450 sqm) with private pools. As in all Six Senses properties they are stylish and eco friendly. In the bedroom you have aircon – otherwise you luxuriate outside and enjoy sun or stars and balmy breezes on your terrace, by your own pool, in privacy. It is only the location that varies; hillside, beach front or beach view.

There are three restaurants close to the beach. One is called “dining at the point”, a very pleasant and private spot on the Island. The food is designed to order but there is also a normal menu with three choices of starter, main course and dessert. The food consists of organic vegetable and fresh fish and is both tasty and healthy. (Rumour has it they will introduce a little meat soon for relentless carnivores.)

Fabulous organic gardens

Of course, some of us are meant to be losing weight and they are not going to forget that when it comes to mealtimes. Some are even gaining weight. An interesting dining finesse is that you have your choice – dining in solitary silence, or sitting at the speaker’s table and being sociable.

There is also a relaxing public pool area around the organically shaped lap pool, a library and a tea room.

Sanctuary pool

Your private transport

Beyond the resort the island beckons with lush jungle, fishing village and coconut plantation. And when tired of exploring on your bike you can constructively do a cooking lesson, so that you will not fall back on bad old eating habits through lack of knowledge on how to cook both delicious and healthy meals.

At the bottom line, this is not just a place to feel better, it is a place to enjoy getting to feel better, surrounded by nature, serenity and warm and friendly staff. The service and expertise at Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket is the final touch that makes top luxury…
With their help you have a good chance of staying on top of the world too…

Your own pool and your own kingdom

NOTE: Naka Yai Island is located off the north-east east shore of Phuket with views over Phang Nga Bay, 25 minutes by car and speedboat from Phuket International Airport.

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