Friday, April 1, 2011

WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO MAURITIUS, part 14, The Residence

Distinctive and elegant, built along a dazzling white beach and turquoise lagoon, The Residence lingers long in the memory. Most of all for the purity of colour and the friendliness of the people who work there.

The design and architecture hark back to plantation houses from 100 years ago, but with plenty of contemporary liberty. In the Residence, what might once have been dark and ponderous in the old sugar plantation days is instead rather light and white. White walls, white drapes round the bed in the Colonial Oceanfront suite, white sofas.

Everywhere there are small attractive items of furniture and art. As for contemporary – note the laptop in the Colonial Oceanfront Suite next to our charming hostess Mary Joyce.

The light and spacious bathroom of the Colonial Oceanfront suite combines old and new in delightful way.

Not all rooms have drapes. Most are without including the attractive ocean front room (balcony with stunning view and room shown below.

Rooms are built in crescents along the beach, all with sea view at the hoop of the crescent, garden view along the sides, and ocean front at the ends with lovely views the radiant lagoon. There are 163 rooms and suites in all.

The resort has three restaurants. Exception to the white and bright theme is the main restaurant which has darker timbers in its plantation nostalgia. Up the beach is the elegant Plantation Restaurant, and there is another beach restaurant.

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch.

The menu:

Amuse Bouche

Heart of palm salad with lemongrass

Flavoured shrimp skewer

Panfried ruby snapper fish fillet

Crunchy vegetables & saffron sauce

Banana milkshake with cocoa sherbet

It didn’t just taste good, it looked too good to eat. Like an art work. So we had to photograph it to make it last.

Should add a codicil. The Residence is remembered not only for the friendly people, long white beach, and dazzling pure colours, but for the food…

While the kids will no doubt remember the kids club and all the watersports...


1 hour by car from Mauritius International Airport, 15 minutes by helicopter.

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