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HOTEL CHECK CROATIA, part 2, Lesic Dimitri Palace


Lesic Dimitri Palace occupies an 18th century bishop’s palace in the heart of the old town of Korcula, next to the place where Marco Polo is reputed to have lived. The hotel feels hidden within the walls of the medieval town yet only a few moments away from the turquoise sea.

Steps down to the sea near Lesic Dimitri Palace

This hotel is very unique and discreet; and definitely 5 star. It does not have a hotel feel as the rooms are separated within the narrow streets.

Korcula town is rather small and a very historic place. There is no proof that Marco Polo was born here, but his name is on everything and that adds to the romance.

Its all about Marco Polo

The island was ruled by Venice from the 10th to 14th centuries and many buildings are still standing, adding Venetian grace, with stone churches, squares and alleyways.

Narrow streets on a leaf grid

From Korcula you can do lovely boat excursions to coves and beaches over turquoise seas - warm through September into early October.


Each of the 6 residences at Lešić Dimitri Palace has been beautifully restored and the each interior is subtly influenced by one of the regions along Marco Polo's Silk Road travels.
On a trip visiting our Select Collection properites in Croatia, we stayed in the 3-bedroom residence "Venice" which included an open kitchen and living area. It was very spacious and uniquely designed. Each of the rooms has an individual design and feels very classy. This residence accommodates 6 persons.

Bubbly on our long white table
in the suite/residence Venice

Jennifer (UK) on a tall backed chair in our Venice residence
Number of bedrooms in each:  Korcula (4 ), Venice (3), China (2), India (2), Ceylon (1) and Arabia (1).


Lešić Dimitri Palace has an indoor and outdoor restaurant, also a spa. We experienced excellent service at this hotel and have nothing negative to say. Just wonderful!

Our Select team dining at the hotel's waterfront restaurant:
Marita (Finland) left, Erland (Norway)
right back, Jennifer (UK) right front

How to get to Lesic Dimitri

This island is only 1 hour 30 mins from Hvar or 2 hours car drive from Dubrovnik plus a 15 minute ferry ride. By ferry all the way from Dubrovnik it is 3 to 4 hours. You can walk to Lesic Dimitri Palace from the harbor; takes only 5 minutes.

The whole town is like a sculpture in limestone

Tiny squares and narrow alleys

China suite bathtub

China suite - great relaxing balcony with view

Who to stay
Couples or families.

Note the images are all informal snapshots by Select (the last four images above were snapped on a prevous trip prior to inclusion of Lesic Dimitri Palace in our Select Collection).

The gentle signs of time

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