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HOTEL CHECK ITALY, part 12, Villa Spalletti

Peaceful, exclusive and richly elegant, Villa Spalletti Trivelli is a treasure.  Like a personal guest in an aristocrat’s home, you get the feeling of boundless hospitality. This is partly due to the free minibar in your room and an open bar offering free drinks 5 to 8 pm every day: a chance to meet other guests over chilled bubbly or a gin and tonic poured yourself.

Complimentary bar in one of the drawing rooms

A green corner among the drawing rooms, one of several
in different colours

There are only 10 bedrooms in the villa and two new garden suites/apartments. But there are big reception spaces with inviting settees arranged in suites of different colour, so you can find your own quiet corner to sip your chilled prosecco. Perfect thing for a Rome evening after a crushingly hot Rome afternoon.

Among the antiques, velvet sofas and giant tapestries, family photos are generously scattered, adding to the personal feel. The two drawing rooms radiate an antique aura, classy, full of character…

Especially "settled" into its own character is a seriously leathery and comfortable, time honoured library.

A libary with real tradition

One of Villa Spalletti's home-in-Rome assets is a garden, where you can eat your breakfast or sip a drink in the evening. You hear a chorus of cicadas in the greenery, and seldom a breakthrough of car sound. It's a peaceful street, via Piacenza. Opposite is a shady park.

A green garden with the sound of cicadas
bringing nature to Rome


We stayed in one of the new garden suite apartments, reached by a path through the garden.

Garden suite apartment - a black glass island housing
a modern kitchen

Our suite was an interesting mix – eclectic. The sitting room is dominated by a very contemporary black glass island sporting an entire kitchen worth of facilities in it. A great place to sit with your laptop or mobile phone linked to the world via wifi. So is the garden terrace a great place for communing.

Terrace of our garden suite - also within reach of wifi

Otherwise the sitting room has a comfy beddable sofa, items of decorated antique-looking furniture. The bedroom has marble bathroom en-suite with deep tub; there is a second marble bathroom with shower, and two walk in cupboards.

Very comfortable and perfect for a long stay.

We loved being there. The best thing is probably the private terrace. Though still warm in the evening, some 31 degrees C, we sat there quietly just being.

The boutique hotel was full so we did not manage to see the other bedrooms with their much loved interiors, in the same spirit as the public rooms with individual colour schemes and antique furnishings.

Food & Beverage/Facilities

We enjoyed breakfast in the traditional dining room, included in the price,
Croissants, homemade jam, organic jam, home made cakes and bread rolls, organic yoghurts, freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit juices, cornflakes, musli, ham, parma ham, cheese, buffalo mozzarella, bruschetta, fresh fruit, cappuccino, freshly cooked hot items, omelette, poached egg, fried egg, pancakes…
We could have eaten in the garden, but that day was so hot that we kept indoors, to enjoy a breeze through the open windows, as well as aircon.

In the basement is a wellness centre including hammam and gym.


Wonderful location, only 5 minutes from Termini Station by taxi (15 min walk). Not far down the way from Villa Spalletti we found an almost tropical Rome, with tall palms waving in a hot breeze in front of old stone towers. We drifted down to a crossroads and Rome flowed over us from different ages. Trajan's column and the spectacular monument to Vittorio Emmanuel were among famous Roman sites within easy reach of Spalletti. Others are the Quirinale and Trevi Fountain.

Monument to Vittorio Emmanuel,
linked with the unification of Italy
View from a trattoria nearby - tropical feel

How to get to Villa Spalletti

40 minutes by car from Rome Fiumicino Airport, by taxi only 45 euro. Another option is a train in to Termini Station, and then a taxi - perhaps faster our of rush hour but not really lower in cost for 2 people.

Added value

Complimentary drinks

Note: Images are informal snapshots by Select and PO Broddeson

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