Monday, November 5, 2012

HOTEL CHECK MALDIVES, part 5, Soneva Fushi

The ultimate luxury in tune with nature.

Chic, shaggy and quite divine...
Soneva Fushi is one of the older luxury resorts in the Maldives Рthis was built 17 years ago by Swedish Eva Malmstr̦m and her husband Sonu Shivdasani as a home. With the charm of natural materials and locally inspired decor they started a chain that was to become a successful collection of hotels of undisputable world class. At her properties Eva inspires guests, including world rulers and celebrities, to work for a better world.
Soneva Fushi is designed to reflect the feel of a Robinson Crusoe experience. There are no artificial lagoons or doctored stones. We are staying in a generously sized but cozy beach house of 395 sqm incl. garden with private pool. The villa is located on the beachfront, secluded amidst lush jungle growth.

Our own Crusoe style secluded beach access and sitting area
Rustic chic enfolded by natural beauty
Touches of warm colour and natural materials
It’s a perfect island for exploring on your own with your bike - there's plenty to explore. There are plentry of small mammals, and all charmed by the cute rabbits that to some extent seem to have taken over the island. They come to us and beg salad when we are eating lunch in one of the three restaurants.
Dining deliciously in rustic comfort
For a true environmentalist the concept and the environment at Soneva Fushi is fantastic; here they have their own recycling center, and the island produces its own drinking water bottled in glass bottles – you can of course also get it aerated.
Recycling goes on in the background creating pristine
surroundings and inspiring eco-consciousness
In the organic garden, the restaurant "Fresh in the garden" prepares food in the open kitchen with ingredients that are 100% from Baa atoll. The restaurant is elevated on pillars above the foliage and we enjoy a fabulous dinner under the stars. Adjacent to the restaurant is the observatory with a real telescope!
How fresh can you get ?

If you actually want to use your free wifi,
the tropics are still around you
But there is so much to experience for our Select team...

Wandering around the ponds...

The swimming pool
Massages in rustic peace
Palm-fringed views
Colourful sealife
PADI dive school

Our Select team explores under water

Brain corals and other precious riches of our planet
They call it "intelligent luxury"

Sonu and Eva have created a unique 5-star experience suitable for those who want a luxury eco-conscious holiday in peace and quiet, whether you are traveling as a couple or with family. A place to enjoy luxurious but simple and amazing service, each villa has its own butler Mr. or Ms. Friday. They help with anything you want around the clock ...
35 minute seaplane flight from Male' International Airport
You take a taxi in fact - an air taxi.

A bottle of wine and fruit on arrival; complimentary upgrade, early checkin and late checkout for Select customers if space is available

Flying over the Maldives - irridescent blues and aquamarines

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