Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SPA CHECK THAILAND, part 1, Kamalaya

Losing weight is not a problem. It’s a pleasure. That is what all the guests tell you at Koh Samui’s famed wellness sanctuary Kamalaya. Most people on a weight control programme lose around 2 kg in a week while enjoying a pleasant active holiday. Our Select Sales Manager Ulrika lost 4 kg.

Firstly – the food is great – good protein, fruit and vegetables –  tasty, fresh and full of colour. 

Secondly, it does not feel like a clinic. Kamalaya is beautiful, lush and tropical, surrounded by rainforest and mountains, not far from the beach.

“The beach is just a walk down the hill,” says Ulrika, adding: “Though on the first day it’s a tough walk up again, at the end of the week you are so fit you can almost run up.”

You don’t have to do anything at Kamalaya – you can treat it just like a beach resort and lie on a sunbed.  Or join gently into yoga and mystical moments in this undeniably exotic place.

But we recommend you sign up for a wellness package.  For one thing a package very cost-effectively includes three meals a day, ordinary healthy food, detox fare or  a la carte eating, and a lot else. For a pre-booked wellness package (for min 7n stay) all Select customers get a voucher for 150 euros worth of extra treatments.
For a charge guests can even drink ecological wine and beer at night. But our Select team noted that almost no one opted for the vino. They were so satisfied with fabulous fruit drinks, wheatgrass shots and so on.

At Kamalaya your treatments are from top experts who combine holistic therapy and science…. You can choose between packages focused on ideal weight, optimal fitness, detox, stress and burnout, even sleep enhancement.  Detox and “ideal weight” are very popular  programmes.

Ideal weight (Ulrika's  chosen programme) is a lot about shape and toning – not just the number of kilos. So stomach massage, detox treatments like far infra-red saunas, body scrubs, wraps and so on aim at reducing cellulite – the big enemy of the body beautiful.

Where you are makes a big difference when you get treatments.  “The treatment rooms are wonderful,” says Ulrika. “Only three walls – you hear the sounds of the sea and the singing of birds…”
There are also a range of holistic activities you can join to get fit, feel calm and happy  – apart from yoga, there is Pilates, stretching, and in the evening lectures and Thai dancing.
For some programmes you also get a personal trainer...

On top of that we think that the staff are fantastic, and the accommodation lovely… especially the beach front villas…
Note: Images are all informal iPhone snapshots by Select.
Select added value - in addition to the 150 euro voucher for prebooked treament package, you get complimentary upgrade, early checkin and late checkout if space is available. See also our web page, and our CEO Leija Graf's blog on Kamalaya's detox programmes.

Finally we pass the word over to one of our customers, Elisabeth Whitefield, who has just returned from Kamalaya:

"It was a wonderful place, with so much warmth. Professional but still personal. Perfect for me; I felt better than I ever imagined was possible. 
I will definitely return…"

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