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Breathtaking. Our private pool among
vineyards and mountains!

Delaire Graff Lodges is probably the most exclusive property in the Winelands. A totally exquisite hotel with only 10 one and two bedroom lodges featuring glass walls that open to private pools and sunny verandahs. Pampering level high with as many staff as guests, in perfect setting of vineyards and mountains, offering two good restaurants, spa and winery…

We were blown away....

Our bedroom was bliss. This wall can open...
a few steps to your pool so you can dip, dine and sun yourself
in total privacy immersed in beauty

The lounge walls open too, to views, sunbeds and veranda. Amenities are the best in quality:

Real marble bathrooms - the irridescent double vanities
carved from solid marble

The boutique resort has a stunning setting above the Hellshoogte Pass between historical Stellenbosch (5km) and the gourmet haven of Franschhoek (26 km). There is a free shuttle down to Stellenbosch (5 min) and it is a 20-25 minute drive to Franschhoek village. 

With its peace, beauty and privacy Delaire Graff is perfect for couples in love. Set one day or more aside just for chilling here by your heated pool. On arrival guests often cancel all tours planned, just to luxuriate in their own perfect space…
Gabled lodges - only 10 little mini-paradises
For honeymooners we definitely suggest a longer stay here –  there is so much to enjoy in the Winelands in terms of wine tasting, gourmet food, scenery, boutiques…and the accommodations at Delaire Graff are saturated with an  atmosphere of peace, style and romance.

Breakfast at Delaire Graff is the best ever if you like healthy food and a bit of indulgence. In addition to a hot menu you get your own private buffet on your table – apart from the essential fresh orange juice and cafĂ© latte variants, our private buffet included three bowls of cereals bursting with all kinds of nuts, sundried fruits,  and toasted grains; delectable small croissants and bakery items; selection of cold meats and more. Most people have this morning repast in their lodges, by the pool…

Private buffet breakfast - hot items to come
Best toasted musli ever, including sundried mango

We had a great lunch at the lunch restaurant, choosing modestly priced genuine fish and chips – in fact, better than genuine. Light and puffy batter around the freshly caught  kingklip, and the lightest chips you ever tasted – they could almost fly.

One bite already gone - can chips and fresh fish in batter
be lighter than this?
In the evening we ate at the fine dining restaurant, treated to a taster, main course of dressy salmon trout, a dessert with a fluffy coconut cream and an ice cream cone full of very lemony sorbet. Competing with the food was the sunset. The restaurant is perched high and encircled by mountain tops that make jagged outlines against the orange and red glow of the Cape sunset (which goes down in summer after 8 pm in a blaze of glory). Taking centre stage were the famous big cat sculptures beside the restaurant...
Sunset by the fine dining restaurant and the famous
Delaire lions (big cats)
The spa treatment was marvellous and the spa pleasant (even though we are spoilt at Select Collection in Stockholm with our own top level spa). Delaire Graff also features a small but sophisticated air-conditioned gym, a shop of designer clothes and a glittering diamond jewellery boutique. Laurence Graff made a fortune from diamond jewellery….
Mr Graff has spent so much on creating the perfection of Delaire Graff that one wonders how he can get it back with only 10 rooms – at least not for a long time. Which makes a visit here feel like a gift ...

In a nutshell

10 lodges with private pools, 2 restaurants, spa, gym, winery, designer boutiques

Accommodation: facilities in your lodge

Your own full kitchen
Exclusive wrapped eats PLUS tea, coffee, well stocked minibar
all included without extra cost
Evening welcome. Spectacular marble bathroom
including separate shower cabinet and dressing room
Lounge also with glass wall opening up.
This is the lounge of a 2-bedroom lodge*

*Note: that all accommodation images, except the above 2-bedroom lodge image, are taken from a one-bedroom Luxury Lodge; facilities are the same in all lodges except that the Luxury Lodge category has the best mountain views.

Who to stay

Honeymooners! Or any top luxury customers, seeking moments of perfection and peace, as a break from all the sightseeing and excitement of a Cape Town and safari itinerary.

How to get to Delaire Graff

30 minutes by car from Cape Town International Airport.

Select added values

A local welcome amenity.

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