Thursday, March 7, 2013


This week we have a guest blogger. He is only 8. In his simple words David describes an adventure to remember for the rest of his life...the Maldives. It was all written in Swedish into a little notebook as a diary...

Saturday 26/1
We travelled 12 hours to the Maldives.
We travelled to a seaplane dock.
Then we waited for a boat.
The boat took us to the island that we live on.
The island is called Soneva Fushi.
When we got to the island, we had to take off our shoes because here you go barefoot all the time.

Sunday 27/1
We went swimming in our (private) pool and in the sea.
We snorkeled in the ocean and saw many fish with many different colors.
We have also seen flying dogs. They look like giant bats.
In the evening we cycled to the cinema on the beach.
Lying on sunbeds and watching a giant cinema screen out there.

Monday 28/1
We've got our own bikes.
With the bikes we get to the restaurant and home.

We have pets, two rabbits that like carrots.
We have gone to a new restaurant.
We have gone to an observatory.
There, we looked at Jupiter. We also saw three of Jupiter's moons.

Tuesday 29/1 
We have been at a children's club.There we painted.Then we made kites.We took a boat to a small island.T here we had a picnic and flew kites with other children.Two kites flew up to the clouds.

Wednesday 30/1
Me and my mom snorkeled in the morning.
When we snorkeled, we saw lots of colorful fish.
But the coolest thing was that we saw a mantis ray.
In the evening we looked at the outdoor movie.
We watched Toystory and ate pizza, chips and chicken bits.
We got a ride home with a buggy.

Thursday 31/1
We swam all day.
There were big waves in the ocean.
I played in the ocean and dived through the waves.
We were in the observatory again.
This time, we saw lots of stars and Jupiter again.
When we got home, we saw a movie.

Friday 1/2
Me and my dad went snorkeling in the ocean.
When we snorkeled, we saw a shark.
We also saw a Napoleon fish and many parrotfish.
We ate Asian food.
They played Maldivian songs, played drums, danced and sang.

Saturday 2/2
We ate breakfast in the hotel.
We took a boat first.
Then a seaplane.
Then a big plane.
Then a small plane.
Last we drove in a car and finally we were at home.

One thing David did not mention was the chocolate buffet.
That shows just how great an adventure he was having...
Memories; up into the sky...

In the images: brother and sister David 8 and Emma 4. Their mother is Mariana, one of our senior travel consultants...

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