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If you were concerned that Phuket is overrun with tourists, read this. Our very discerning product manager Neil Bedford has found a lot of secluded and sophisticated charm on that large island, starting with one of the top luxury classics - Amanpuri...

Pansea Beach is undoubtedly the Select Collection winner of ‘best beach in Phuket’. An absolutely perfect white sand bay with a scattering of coconut palms, the odd oversized boulder for perching on to admire the view (and be admired in the case of many of the clientele who stay here) and no day trippers.

The hotel's Italian and Thai restaurants are invariably voted as the best on the island (though we felt Amanpuri’s ‘lunch on the rocks’ was equally memorable) while the spacious Pavilions are the ideal refuge from the sun and to cosy up at the end of the day.

Combine all of this with the intimate and discreet service which is a key part of any at Amanresort and you will find that Amanpuri is extremely hard to beat…

And a lush tropical feel, here too at Amanpuri's main pool -
haunt of beautiful people


Beautiful stilted pavilions are dotted around a hillside coconut plantation situated on the peninsula of Pansea Beach. Their traditional Thai Lanna style exteriors reveal open plan interiors with the typically large bathroom/dressing rooms that you are always pleased to find in Amanresorts. Each pavilion has it’s own outdoor sala (with varying views depending on room type) where we enjoyed freshly laid out passion fruit, lychees and rambutan every day.

We would suggest that when deciding on the premium you are happy to pay for your view, you may like to consider how much time you plan to linger on the sala enjoying your private vistas. If you do not have your own pool then there is only so long you can enjoy the heat and instead you might want to spend this extra amount on the spa (see below)….

The very best room types are located toward the tip of the peninsula and here you should choose a partial ocean pool pavilion (private pool and ocean view) or an ocean facing villa (larger private pool, larger room and the best ocean view).

2-bedroom partial ocean view pavilion

Spa magic

The Amanpuri spa is very special is the first full-service spa in the Aman group. Their signature treatment combining traditional Thai massage, steam room, body scrub and finally a relaxing oil massage left us wanting to bring the entire spa back home so we could enjoy it every day for the next 10 years. (For real spa/wellness addicts you may like to ask us about the Amanpuri Wellness Retreat which runs 1st July – 31st August 2013.)

Getting around the tropical grounds - Aman buggy

Must do

Amanpuri run a daily (in season) shared cruise along the Phuket coastline to deserted bays, islands and snorkeling spots which is well worth trying if you cannot find a boat of your fancy to charter from the fleet they have at their personal disposal which range from 20 to 110ft. As an alternative to blissfully romantic evenings at Amanpuri, visit Catch Beach Club (5 mins walk) on nearby Surin Beach. Ideal for sundowners and a chilled out Ibiza style atmosphere, it’s a fun option for a night that can go on until  the early hours…

...and take a leisurely afternoon tea....

How to get to Amanpuri

25 mins by car from Phuket international airport.

Why go

This is one of the very best beach hotels in Thailand and the place to go if you are looking for assured and understated luxury.

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