Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SPA CHECK, Kamalaya - in transition

A beach holiday among waving palms, with the occasional glass of wine? Or rigorous days to get fit and focus on a healthier way of living? You don’t have to choose – you can combine both at Kamalaya, a destination spa on the magical island of Koh Samui.
Beautifully tropical Kamalaya - view from the restaurant

Our sales manager Ulrika Thelander has just returned from Kamalaya to see how clients can take a holiday that brings both health and happiness.

She enjoyed the beautiful sandy beach... 
And a meal on the beach

Revelled in tropical skylines...

Admired rosy sunsets...

Luxuriated in comfortable accommodation...
... with views

But she also did what she felt she needed to do … she got fit and lost weight with exercise, treatments and delicious healthy food. 
Ulrika enjoying a coconut shell filled
with coconut water

The programme she chose was called Optimal Fitness (more about that below). Ulrika lost 3kg there and continued to lose weight at home with her healthy routines. She also feels so much more relaxed and has recuperated from our High Season stress.

Interestingly  she noticed a new trend…

It used to be mostly women on their own at Kamalaya. Sometimes men. But increasingly, couples are coming to Kamalaya and small groups of friends. You now see more people enjoying a little wine with their meals and sitting at the talking tables. Other guests of course continue  to avoid alcohol and choose to sit at the non-talking tables to keep their focus on their rejuvenation programmes and off the outside world.

Ulrika’s major tip is:

Take fullboard!!!!!!!!!!  The food is great and it is very good value for money, as so much more is included.
They have menus for Detox and Ideal weight – including lots of protein such as 4 different sorts of fish (seabass, red snapper, salmon and  black cod), chicken, eggs, prawns and tofu.

Tasty dinner

Delicious breakfast incuding wheatgrass
Garden salad with salmon

You also get afternoon tea, coconuts brimming with coconut water to sip, detox juices, fruit juices, vegetable juices – all kinds of different teas, wheatgrass shots etc.

A lot of treatments are included if you choose well. Ulrika got:

All beverages excluding imported drinks and alcohol
A body bio-impedance analysis
A wellness consultation
A 60 minute fitness evaluation
A followup wellness consultation
5 personal training sessions of 60 minutes each
5 far infrared saunas of 30 minutes each
A 90 minute vital essence oil massage
2 traditional Thai massages each 90 minutes
A 60 minute traditional Asian foot massage
A Super Stretch session of 60 minutes

And feel free to fill in  time at the gyn
...and relax on the lovely property with its
 Oriental ambience

If interested in possibly booking Kamalaya to have a lovely tropical break and get a new start in life, ring us at Select in one of our offices.

Select clients who book a package of min 7 nights always get inhouse credits and other added values.

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