Thursday, March 13, 2014

Our Collection - behind the scenes

Our new knockout brochure is out. It looks and feels like the glossiest Vogue, with a bit more attitude. It’s a statement of brand, a splurge of fashion, and a Collection of the world’s most charming, most lavish, most desirable hotels. Some winning their place by the harmony of sheer simplicity.

Select Collection 2014-2016

Call in at one of our offices to pick up a brochure, or write a mail (see the list at the end of the blog).

All hotels and resorts have the stamp of approval of Leija Graf, our CEO. These are the hotels from which we craft Haute Couture Holidays. Each luxury holiday created for the discerning individual.

Behind the scenes, we have been working for a whole year. Picking and choosing the best. Negotiating with hotels to get the right added values and prices that will not exceed the internet, and then getting together 450 pages of text and images.

Our own original brochure image
taken in paradise

Max our marketing coordinator is a
whizz at designing adverts -
and at artistic preparations for events
Last weekend we were also very busy behind the scenes, prior to the brochure launches in Stockholm, Helsinki, Stavanger and Oslo. (See Leija’s blog. )

Staff  from all five Select Collection offices in Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK were at our Product Weekend to learn about our new hotels, prior the brochure launch for 2014-2016.

Sales Manager Sweden Ulrika Thelander
and Managing Director Fredrik Ottosson
inspiring us all to deliver knowledge
and quality
Time also to share information about our own experiences of hotels around the world. A late night and plenty of interactivity…

Dag-Åge, Norway, knows exactly where to stay, and where to
dine  in  the Cape Winelands.
He has been to South Africa over 20 times
A light hearted challenge - Dag-Åge and Collette from our
office in London, Mayfair. Who can look really Royal?
Neil (product manager) with Marita (Finland)
and Astrid (Norway, right)

Neil and Sara from our boutique spa
in Stockholm

The setting was Görvälns Slott a hotel and conference centre on the fringes of Stockholm. 

Dinner together
Part of the original style -
a 3-D picture that includes real flowers

A setting for our workshops

A setting for well earned sleep
Another setting for well-earned sleep
And another


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