Thursday, April 10, 2014


Therese Larsen from our Norway office has returned from a barefoot holiday - barefoot parents and barefoot daughter Elida inevitably relax with their toes in the white sands of Soneva Fushi. We think the pictures say most of it...

 “I want to go back to the Maldives”
- Elida

Elida was 10 months when we visited Fushi two years ago. Travelling with a baby we enjoyed relaxed barefoot living to the fullest. Our Mr. Friday just picked her up, and came back after an hour, or two

Now over 2, with our Mr Friday

Being older and more sceptical now she would not let them lift her up and walk away - but still we enjoyed a very slow life vacation. The relaxed ambience, LOTS of attention from the staff and guests, other children running around in the sand… made our second stay just as peaceful. Not to forget the ice cream and the chocolate room!
From the room full of icecreams and
cereals or desserts

The room full of chocolate - open all day

The Den was felt all over the island, activating the children. When the management held a welcome cocktail on the sandbank the Den was there, building pirate ships and playing in the sand. During summer 2014 the new Den, with 2 big swimming pools should be finished.

Pirate ships

Crusoe Villa

View of our Crusoe villa 

Our own beach

On our sofa
We stayed in a Crusoe Villa – a beachfront duplex villa (all villas are beachfront). Every morning we enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate on the terrace with its daybed. Even though it was windy and at times rough sea Elida loved swimming in the big pool (ocean). Not all children would appreciate this – so for families travelling with small children a villa/ suite with pool should be recommended. If budget allows…
The only thing “missing” in the Crusoe villa is a larger, more inviting living room area inside for late evenings.

Organic, in the sand

Breakfast in the sand, dinner in the sand… all outlets offers relaxed atmosphere and fresh, organic food!
Corner of a voluptuous buffet
Sandy restaurant

Cocktails… dinners on the sandbank...

Fushi delights

A stroll around the island takes 45 minutes… with adult sized feet...

And the days went by… swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, cycling, snorkeling, spa treatments, stargazing in the Observatory, picnics – there are activities to suit everyone and then some.


Our very own bicycle, our very own Mr. Friday...

Every evening before dinner - sundowners at Bar(a)bara...

But most of all, Fushi is the perfect place to do absolutely nothing.

So long Fushi… you are simply perfect---


How to get to Soneva Fushi

Seaplane 30 mins from Male airport.

We flew Turkish Airlines, economy class. Excellent food on board and perfect schedule with late evening/ night flights both ways when travelling with a child. Travelling in economy class we found Istanbul Airport rather chaotic, with no pleasant outlets to relax in, stinking toilets etc. This is not to be compared with the experience you get travelling in Business Class! So, with this in mind... I would recommend buying access to the Premium Lounge which cost about 170 EUR per adult, children are free.

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