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One&Only Reethi Rah is legendary. One of Select's senior team members decided to see it for herself, and was truly surprised.  Surprised enough to start quoting poetry.

You expect excellence from the One&Only brand, so the high standards of Reethi Rah are not surprising. But you don't expect that a largely man-made island will feel so deliciously natural. So perfect...

Reethi Rah combines privacy and serenity with buzz and action; supreme style and lavish luxury with a jungle feel. They even have water hens prancing out of the greenery and lizards darting over the winding roads. And you can dine barefoot too (at Fanditha, beside the ravishing Arabic sunset bar). Or suitably (un)dressed at the Beach Club.

Fanditha lounge for a sundowner

Lazy beats at the Beach Club

Or be seen at Reethi restaurant dressed up to dazzle….flitting between the different dining alternatives. Start with hot flavours at FIRE.

Saunter on to Rah Bar for entertainment and liquid sustenance, then pop into the wine cellar to learn more about vino (viti)culture.  Or hide away in the organic garden at the Chef's Garden restaurant  to commune with nature.

Of course – guests can also get sporty! Cycle the winding roads (you get your own bikes). Play tennis, clamber up a climbing wall, practice your golf swing, jog through the jungle (trails up to 6.5 km).

Slamming a  ball in tropical atmosphere.
(there is also  a football field)

And naturally you can go snorkling or diving in
the pristine seas of the Maldives

From the shore or  from one of the resort's very sexy boats.

Enough with physical hedonism. At Reethi Rah you can
even indulge in art...
Meanwhile the Beach Villas are totally perfect with so much space, views out to your beach, your private gazebo, your hammock under the palms – tall palms  that got transported to the island already very tall, creating tropical magic land where once there was just lagoon. Then came the dense rubbery green undergrowth and its sweet creatures.

Sunset from our Beach Villa 107 - and a fine bird visitor
 from the undergrowth

 Never to forget the coveted water villas. Direct water access,
satiny lagoon and a beach too 

The original island was the area between the Japanese tappanyaki restaurant and Reethi restaurant.  It was extended to 3 times the size with 12 beaches, in scalloped bays that cradle moons of sandy beach, and arching palms.

I kept thinking of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and the words:

“We shatter it to bits ... and then Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire”

The island must just have been a building site for years. And now as I said it’s a perfect resort, with the hand of man supreme, yet hand in hand with nature.

A young person deeply committed to nature commented:

 “The seas are rising they say. So it’s wonderful  that they have been able to master the technology of extending islands and keeping the islands of the Maldives above the water.”


98 beach villas and 32 water villas

See map (you can download a pdf)

We had a Beach Villa on Franjipani Beach – a cosy delightful beach. This is a sunset villa, number 107. The lagoon is as still as mirror. And there are a few large water villas on the two sides. Water villa guests did once cross “our” beach, but they tended to hang out on their own decks and dip off their own stairs.

The villas are very spacious with an open feel, views fringed by thatch and coconut fronds. You feel serene and free there, pampered, delighted with life…

Space  and beautiful symmetry

Bath with optional views

Wander out barefoot to swing on the hammock, hop into the still lagoon (more fun for adults when deeper at high tide), watch the sunset, order breakfast for the villa patio. They even bring a machine to the villa to ensure your café latte or cappuccino is hot and foamy. Your waiter makes it and serves it...

Homely breakfast for two: totally fresh, totally private,
and your coffee piping hot

Our category of villa did not have a pool, and we didn´t miss it. Though of course it is a nice extra...

There are other things you should not miss...


Within view of the white beaches of Reethi Rah, there is an exquisite colourful reef, called Turtle Reef. Reaching it by fancy boat, leaving from the marina on the other side of Reethi Rah, takes 20 minutes.
We floated over bright coral and fish, and saw 5 turtles feeding on the reef. One dived down into the crystalline blue depths at a dropoff.

 Fabulous dive boat - lie wet in the sun on the cushions after snorkling and feel heavenly. They even have orchids decorating the dazzling white deck.

On the deck of the dive boat - even here there are orchids

Guided by the marine biologist

Lunch was served onboard after snorkeling. There is also a house reef of course, which we did not try. But thoroughly recommend this snorkeling tour. Don’t miss it!

There are a lot more don’t miss things about Reethi Rah


  • Don’t miss the advanced wet area  - you get access even after room checkout. Don’t miss a Balinese massage in a little hut in the vast spa garden. Don't miss the spa cafe and dreamy relaxation areas.

Healthy teas and divine surroundings

Relax areas in the spa garden 

While the children make friends at the
KidsOnly club for kids


Breakfast on the deck of Reethi restaurant
with a view of a long white beach

A deluxe One&Only Mojito (with champagne)
at Fanditha lounge in the sunset

A fresh green lunch at Rah Bar, by the shady main pool
and the sunny lap pool
  • Dinner in the organic garden restaurant. Feel private, mystical among the trees and lanterns, and enjoy freshly plucked vegetables and salads among other things. While waiting for a course pop into the orchid house. This is the secret behind orchids everywhere including each of the double vanities in your villa

  • The teppanyaki restaurant. Lots of atmosphere, and quite big reef sharks lying up close in the water, visible in the lights from the restaurant
  • The Beach Club lunch buffet. A fabulously jet set experience looking at the gorgeously attired women, listening to the DJ, dazzled by the bright white sand and bright blue lagoon.

Beach buffet lunch

Lucious desserts at the beach buffet

  • It's all so dazzling. Don’t miss packing your designer sunglasses

(c) Images by Aleah L Stanbridge Photography

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