Friday, November 14, 2014


Champagne. What could be more evocative of luxury than Champagne drunk in Champagne. One of Select Collection's foremost connoisseurs of both luxury and Champagne has returned from a reconnoitre of France's exciting Champagne district. An area full of lovely scenery, cute villages and friendly people - apart from nice food and the drink of the gods.

A quite unknown producer creating magical wines…
Before the trip at least 40 hours of research was conducted to get the trip tuned to perfection. Finding where to stay. Where to eat. Where to get the best Champagne...

That might sound a lot of time for an experienced travel expert. But don't imagine one can just breeze around Champagne and tap its best secrets. 

Gates and roads can be closed. Restaurants and hotels can be fully booked. Language is a barrier. Some estates don't even want visitors. Some accommodation is definitely not Champagne standard but might very well exceed Champagne prices. And some Champagne is not as exclusive as other Champagne...

So there there are very many secrets behind a successful Champagne voyage.

Select Collection invites customers to contact us to arrange your perfect Champagne adventure. As appetiser here are a few snaps taken on our Champagne Voyage of Discovery.

Nectar of the Argonne forest

A stylish kitchen with art

Tradition meets contemporary arts

Sounds of fermentation

The arts

Grapes in the very soil of Champagne, an estate lot called Clos in Champagne

From Eric Lemaire. He supplies champagne to the military, and they even get their own label

A posh chateau for uncompomised luxury

Cosy corners of rich comfort

Note Select Collection, covers five offices in Scandinavia and the UK. 

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