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We took the ultimate 3G (three generations) holiday at Soneva Kiri, a deeply private paradise on the jungle island of Koh Kood where all villas have the freedom of their own buggy and service is totally total…

While two generations had a rejuvenating and enriching holiday, the third generation was simply in heaven. She danced with joy at her first sight of the beach villa and it's pool wrapping around the master bedroom...

Adored the jungle bathroom with its bright sofa and daybed...

Took ownership of the vast deck with huge corner sofa under cover - four more sofas and two sun loungers by the pool, and two more down at our private beach...

Down at our beach she created sand sculptures, explored the sealife on the rocks and tried to induce romance in hermit crabs – while we watched her from our sunbeds...

Though the main beach is a piece of shimmering paradise, the colours of a picture postcard, it was at first hard to motivate her to leave our private villa domain to go there.

Luckily there was one sure manouvre. Ice cream. Tonight (after dinner) you can have as much ice cream as you like. In fact we all can (he he) if you come with us to the main beach…

Soneva Kiri icecream  parlor offers 62 flavors - served all day (free) to 11pm. Just next to the rich joys of the chocolate room - also foc. A place for a pilgrimage at the end of a day of water, fun and sun; In candy colours with a beautiful view the parlour perches at a high point with a view down clean slopes of timber decking past the bar, the shop, the library...

This pink and sugar candy coloured paradise for kids and adults brought joy, and provided motivation in learning to snorkel...

Among the banded blues and aquamarine of Koh Kood's crystal sea.

Dining ever so beautifully

All the restaurants lie in beautiful settings with views of deep blue sea and tropical greenery, where you eat freshest home grown greens and organic foods. 

Views restaurant (fine dining) was our favourite. In 'winter' - gorgeous sunny January - the sun set at 7pm Soneva Kiri time (6pm Bangkok time ) so that was the moment to arrive at the bar highest up to see the fiery red ball drop towards a haze over the sea.

Then we sauntered down to a dining platform where the breeze caressed bare arms in the pink-tinged air...

Another exciting dining destination at Soneva Kiri is Benz - a genuine Thai eatery in a wooden house on stilts over the deep green river; here you feast in the glow of evening  on a 7 course menu embracing giant prawns, meats, spicy sauces and Thai specialities like fried banana flowers.

When owner Sonu Shivdasani tasted the restauranteur's food at a stall in Bangkok he invited Khun Benz to live and carry out her art a 10 min boat ride away from Soneva Kiri. A lovely ride from the pier along the seashore and up a picturesque river cleaving its way among mangroves, you pass fisherman's cottages on stilts on the river bank. A typical Koh Kood sight these rivers with genuine Thai life going on almost as it has done for centuries.

Other dining options are the bar...

And the beach restaurant (mainly for lunch, but two magnificent beach barbecues were arranged while we were there).

Beach feasts! With a magical atmosphere of fire torches and candles, the soft sound of water on coral sand - and tables weighed down wth mountains of seafoods and meats to grill. You can also create your own wok dinner:  choose from newly picked veggies from the organic garden including home grown mushrooms - delivered fresh and tasty beyond belief at your romantic table by the sea.

The famous tree pod dining was not in operation as this period is low season. Quite inexplicably it was low season though January is the driest month on Koh Kood. We had sun every day for 8 days. The other charm of late January is that it is very  quiet and there is a miraculous sense of owning it all. Arriving at the sparkling white main beach we were often the only guests there to soak in the picture perfect beauty and take our pick of sunbeds or shady swing beds, dip in the warm crystal water.

An endless day of being truly alive

Start the day at the magnificent breakfast spread with staff on hand to chop up your choice of fruit - papaya passion fruit and other tropical delights - and a room of cold cuts and home made yoghurt, cereals and organic nuts. Or just sit in sun or shade served giant cappuccino and a wide range of eggy creations. You will always be sweetly served - the staff are nice, gentle and harmonious, many of them locals from the island's population of fisherman.

Sit there for hours. And think what to do today.

Maybe get the children to the Den to join in its endless activities while you go on a diving or snorkel tour to a vibrant reef.? Take a sailing or windsurfing lesson,..

Work out at the gym? Bliss out at the quietly soothing spa with its boardwalks among the mangroves. The massages are out of this world.

Heated pool at the spa for total relax

A visit to the observatory with its powerful telescope to see the full moon or the rings of Saturn is one of the musts. Another popular excursion is walking to the waterfall or a jungle tour - exploring virgin rain forests with creatures like gibbons hiding away.

Jungle luxury

Actually the jungle is all around us at Soneva Kiri... 

The huge property is a green and glistening tangle of lianes and big shiny leaves. Just hopping in our personal buggy and driving around the narrow winding lanes is an adventure. Even more so in the evening when fire torches line the way. It is breathtaking to drive over the hilltop through flickering jungle and down through the coconut grove to the main beach. 

What a beautiful picture postcard beach, night or day. The shining white coral sand that squeaks as you walk. The sea that runs from pale turquoise on the beach to aquamarine and bands of midnight blue. And with  plenty of vacant sunbeds, beach bed swings and shady tables,

Probably end the day at the open air movie house where popcorn is served and the tree frogs sing under starry tropical skies. There were two movies every night while we were there - one for kids.

Happiness and sheer simplicity brings bonding between people and generations. Problems cease to exist and if they do arise - just ask your butler Mr or Ms Friday - dial 1 on your personal villa mobile.

Our Mr Friday helped us over and over

Getting to Soneva Kiri 

Soneva Kiri took care of us from the moment we stepped off our international flight in Bangkok and escorted us through passport control and onward via limo to the domestic airport. From here we flew in a smart Cessna with soft leather seats and landed on a small neighouring island. Already our Mr Friday was waiting to escort us to the speedboat and our first sight of Soneva Kiri looking like a fantasy world with canvas towers peeping out of the greenery and the palms waving hello. And of course, they confiscated our shoes…so we were barefoot when we stepped on shore…

Bare feet, canvas, bamboo, crooked wooden poles, harmonious and eco friendly, and yet the ultimate in luxury, space and privacy.

That's Soneva Kiri - but there is lots more...

SLOW LIFE - Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences

Recycling water, creating compost and even biogas

Growing organic vegetables

Nature adored

And luxury in attention to details. Here you wash sand off your feet when you come from the beach...the banana leaves love it...
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