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WE HAVE JUST BEEN TO THE SEYCHELLES, part 2, Frégate Island Private

Continuing his trip through the hauntingly beautiful Seychelles, Erland Stubmo writes "WE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!"…

Frégate Island Private, part of the Oetker Collection, is a world wonder. There are seven beaches and only 16 villas on the island, and every one amazing…

Anse Victorin - often voted as one of the world's top 10 beaches

Our stay at Frégate was fantastic from beginning to end. We were picked up by helicopter after exploring La Digue, and after 15 minutes we were at Frégate.

Our Personal Assistant (another word for Butler) took us to the stunning Villa number 8.

The deck of our villa, number 8. This amazing villa is one of the standard categories on Fregate Island - it only gets better

This is actually the lead-in category, but is really elegant and spacious (approx. 450 sqm).
So much space, both indoor and outdoor. Two very large terraces on different levels, one of them with a pool and Jacuzzi.

We had spectacular views of the rocky shoreline, with stairs down to the beach. The sea was a bit rough most of the time, so we preferred the pool area or one of the seven other lovely beaches.

Our lounge in villa 8 - plenty of space for a family

This category can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. If more persons are travelling together you have to book a Private Pool Twin Residence (570-700 sqm).


My biggest surprise was that the island is so big. So much to explore and especially interesting for people into plants and birds. The hotel has different hiking routes and you can be followed by a conservationist who can explain more about the islands eco-system.

Otherwise you can move around with a mountain bike or a buggy. Each villa has its own buggy, so we could explore on our own whenever we wanted.

Even though the island is quite mountainous and steep it’s still possible to travel with children. There is a small kids club and the island has many giant tortoises moving (slowly)  around, which can be exciting for children.

Marina Beach


The dining system is very flexible. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be taken at Frégate House (the main restaurant adjacent to the reception area), but guests are encouraged to lunch or dine wherever they want. It could be a private beach barbecue, a set up in the library, the museum , in the villa, in the garden , on the islands highest point, etc.

We had a seafood beach barbecue one night and it was just superb. Equally astounding was the private dinner in the library. We chose to have breakfasts and lunches at the Frégate House. Everything was just perfect.

The island has its own organic garden and most vegetables and greens come from there.

The organic garden

The Personal Assistant is also the person who is your waiter when guests have their special private dinners.

Our villa dining space - perfect for a private dinner


Frégate has a very beautiful Rock Spa “in the middle of nowhere”. So peaceful and inviting.
There is also a gym there.

Other activities include water sports, fishing trips, snorkelling and diving. The hotel has its own Yacht Club.

The island has seven stunning beaches. One of them is for private use (you just put a sign “in use” before climbing down the stairs to the beach and no one else will come).

We spent a few hours at Anse Victorin, which is said to be one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and even there we were completely on our own all the time.

The perfection of Anse Victorin

Frégate Island Private was a fantastic experience. It is very expensive, but now I understand a bit more why !

How to get to Fregate Island

15 minutes by helicopter and we were back at the main island Mahé again. 

For more about Fregate Island Private CLICK HERE.

Note: Erland Stubmo is a senior travel consultant in our Oslo office one of our most travelled and most discerning team members. He is also an experienced photographer.

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