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Far from the holiday crowds of Mallorca, this hideaway that once hid soldiers now cossets honeymooners. The former citadel is a world of sweet indulgence only 20 minutes from Palma airport. Select Collection’s Louise Lundius gives her impressions of Cap Rocat and suggests a honeymoon combination...

Up on a clifftop in a corner of Palma Bay, Cap Rocat is a secret world – a hotel with only 29 rooms among a village of courtyards, drawbridges and turrets. It’s so steep that only children over 14 are allowed – which helps to make it a nest of tranquillity.

Once the canons peeped out of the batttlements looking at enemy ships, now lovers look out with glasses of champagne at sizzling blue sea and mountains. Though the rooms are themselves “caves” nested into the rock face, all have terraces with sunbeds and places to admire the view. Still my advice is to treat yourselves to a suite so you also have a beautiful view from the bedrooms. 

Sunset on an unusal pool terrace

A gazebo on your suite terrace

Your terrace is a perfect spot not just for cocktails but for intimate breakfasts, delivered in the morning by golf buggy. Or you can eat in an indoor restaurant during low season and during high season in a “wooden tent” on the roof of the hotel. The wooden building is the only area in the hotel that is built over the ground. This is the perfect place for weddings, a few steps from your romantic hideaway suite. It’s also a very nice venue for a conference – Google was there the week we visited. I guess they googled it from rave reviews…

Gourmet dinners can be enjoyed in the fortress. We had lunch at the Sea Club. The food was excellent and the view amazing. In fact, it’s sublime from many vantage points.

The infinity pool lies in a stunning position on the fortress wall.  You can join  yoga class up here with the sight of boats on the water far below.

At present spa treatments are given up on the hilltop, but a new spa will be ready in 2017.

The sunny courtyards

Imposing walls and blue sea

Arches and bridges, and a sense of history


Who should go? I would say a couple of any age. Cap Rocat is a hotel for total relaxation and there are not very many options for activities – apart from tennis and mountain biking. You should go here to enjoy a beautiful/cool hotel, read a few books, eat delicious food and just enjoy.


For a European honeymoon it would be great to combine Cap Rocat with Belmond La Residencia. From the military citadel to an artist's hideaway high among the Tramuntana mountains near the enchanting village of Deia, where art, music, poetry and cafe life thrive. 

Honeymoon and art in the Mallorcan mountains

Belmond La Residencia - lush gardens, art and romance

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Louise Lundius is a multi-tasking online marketing coordinator at Select Collection. 

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